Chaos Takes Control…with Artificial Intelligence

HBO’s Westworld this Sunday (April 22nd) – and as the true tech nerds we are, we couldn’t be more thrilled…or terrified. As a tech junky and PR pro, there couldn’t be a better time to keep up with the hype around AI in the media.

Marketing to Women – Still Trial and (Big) Error for Many Brands

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Last month was women’s history month – a time to learn about the great accomplishments and contributions women have made to our nation, and to celebrate how far we’ve come. Yet, it often feels like we still have so far to go – especially in the way brands market to “the fairer sex.”

[Podcast] Play for the Long Term

In an interview with March Managing Director Cheryl Gale, Laura Tomasetti, CEO and founder of 360PR+, covers her path to becoming one of PR's top leaders.

3 Top Health IT Trends from HIMSS18

Based on what we saw come out of HIMSS18, it’s clear that these three topics are top of mind for the health IT industry today.

[Podcast] Mai Tais and Meditation on International Women’s Day

March 8 is International's Women Day, and in recognition, we recorded a fun roundtable chat between March Director of Digital Services Caroline Black, Managing Director Cheryl Gale and Executive Vice President Jodi Petrie.

3 Ways PR Can Help Manage Today’s Review-Based Economy

Learning how to navigate today’s review-based economy is paramount to businesses’ success. And, as PR becomes increasingly tied to sales and marketing, here are three ways PR firms can help.

Client Event Strategies, Part 3: Video Support

On site, it was our responsibility to conduct video interviews with our client's customers, and make sure we were eliciting useful responses for valuable video content. But, extracting insightful information from executives that are nervous in front of the camera proved to be a bit more challenging than we expected.

Client Event Strategies, Part 2: On-Site Content Creation

Find the common themes of the event's sessions – that one story thread that runs through most, if not all, of the presentations – and use that as your angle for your blog posts around the show.

Client Event Strategies, Part 1: Media Management

Hosting media at a vendor event ideally brings together a bunch of different elements to ensure value on both sides – and to get press to attend in the first place! It’s best if we’re able to strike a balance of interesting presentations, enticing news, direct access to customers and demonstrations of new innovations.

Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, We Wrote a Blog About Why We Love PR, How ‘Bout You?

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There’s a lot to love about our work, so we figured that, in celebration of the season, we’d ask folks around the March office to share the moments that warmed their hearts. Here’s what they had to say.